What We Did On Our Early-Summer Vacation

Or late-winter, depending on your point of view. But it is 84 degrees out there right now! This is, just for the record, about 20 degrees too many.

But it is nice to feel the sun.IMG_4267

The truth is that I’ve meant to write here for weeks. I would compose posts in my head and then never actually sit down and write them because their content, whatever it was, paled next to the reality that my dogs just were not doing well. Which is its own deeply infuriating saga that I’m not going to detail here except to say that I ended up rage-quitting most of the specialists in favor of our local vet clinic. This flies in the face of my every instinct when dealing with lameness — but it seems to be working for now, and at least doesn’t make me so frustrated with not being heard that I want to scream and hit things.


Then there was a few weeks of silence when everyone was, it looked like, doing well and I was afraid to say anything and jinx it. And finally, as I began at last to believe that we were on the right track and at least to breathe again, a stretch of time when I couldn’t be bothered to write because I was too busy enjoying my dogs again.


So we’re hiking! Sort of. We’re taking it very, very, glacially slow. We’re toddling. Tinyhikes. Two miles. Maybe three. No significant terrain or elevation change. Just decompression walks in the woods.


It’s enough.


It’s everything.


We’re also training a bit more. Playing a bit more. Flirting with nosework. Hanging out on the porch in the sun.


And Sunday was apparently opening day for cattlefrog wallowing season. So there’s that!


I feel like we lost the winter and like, in so many ways, we’re right back where we started a year and change ago, except that this go-round it’s not only Titus who is unfit and out of practice! But I think we understand each other better now, and we’re finding all sorts of interesting new places to stroll that meet our current needs, and it’s been a long cold winter, but now the sun is out again.

At the end of his tinyhike today, Titus sat by my feet and gave me his classic, “Aren’t we so lucky?!? Isn’t this great!?!” grin.

We so very are.

It so very is.


6 thoughts on “What We Did On Our Early-Summer Vacation

  1. ❤ Spring brings new beginnings. You'll get back to where you were! I hope things are continuing on the up and up…I've been Facebooking so little that I am woefully behind on your life and dog life happenings.


  2. What a great grin, you totally captured exactly what it says! So glad he’s out and about again! We are ready to start taking Thule on these kinds of hikes. She’s got to build up her muscle, that RH is so, so weak. So slow and light incline is the name of her game. Of course, I got excited and brought her to the barn with me, but it was a party so she mostly sat and begged for food.


      1. She’s pretty weak on that leg. We’re trying to build it up. She is sound but after a walk or towards the end of the day she is hesitant to put weight on it for a few steps but then walks sound. I hope it’s just stiff or muscle soreness. We have a chiro apt this week so maybe something is out. I hope she gets stronger, we may need some pt or something. But she feels good in general and her legs healed up nicely


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