More of the Same

We’re still here and still hanging out, just watching the weeks go by. Seven and a half post-TPLO now. Titus goes in for his eight-week x-rays on Tuesday. Those will either spell the beginning of a return to normality around here or else the crushing disappointment of a prolonged recovery or (please, no) another surgery. I have no reason to expect they won’t be at least satisfactory, but I’m holding my breath anyway.

We have taken our “forty-five minutes of controlled, flattish, good-footing walking” show on the road a couple of times!

Titus contemplates the outflow at Franklin Falls dam while I remind him that he’s not allowed to do that many stairs just yet.

The last two weekends have been marked by unfavorable weather: significantly negative temperatures, crazy high winds, and/or that greatest of miseries, winter rain. Somewhere in the middle of it all, Mt. Washington was literally the second-coldest place on earth. So despite my best intentions, all hiking has screeched to a halt for Lilo and myself. I flirted with joining in for part of a friend’s hike but I would have been turning back alone early, already a dodgy proposition in winter even when preplanned, and just wasn’t feeling prepared, organized, or fit enough to solo under the conditions. Paws on Peaks and I had discussed a small hike last Sunday before the whole world turned into a terrifying ice slick. So much for that!

Lilo thinks cold wind is some bullshit.

We have been easing back into training, which feels good. Lilo is working on a back-foot target and on cleaning up her heel position. She’s a super thoughtful and enthusiastic worker. I’ve been lazy about finding things for her to do, these last few months, and I think we’re both enjoying rounding back into form. Her public-access skills have, uh, degraded significantly — she tagged along to Titus’s last PT appointment and kept trying to convince him to play with her in the waiting room until I was like, “OKAY WE ARE ALL PRACTICING OUR DOWN-STAYS NOW” — and I foresee many field trips in our future to local dog-friendly stores.

Being good is exhausting.

As for the fuzzy dog, he thinks getting to go more places and do more things is a great quality of life improvement. He’s starting to get his training brain back — actually asked me for a session the other night, which was great! — and he is utterly delighted by the foot of snow that we have on the ground right now. That’s a mixed blessing, since he isn’t supposed to go bounding through the stuff, as he would dearly like to do! But apparently stuffing his face into it up to the eyeballs (and occasionally burrowing with the whole front half of his body, standing up, and burrowing again) is almost as good. Fingers and paws are crossed for him to start getting long-line privileges back soon enough for him to enjoy the rest!

Snowy cattlefrog in his natural habitat.

So that’s our life right now. Not exactly the big-hike posts that I’d like to be writing, but the mountains will be there when we’re ready — and I am hoping to get out for a couple of small hikes this weekend — and in the meantime, it’s what we have.



2 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. Way to go, Titus! It sounds as if you’re recovering well. I’ll be waiting to hear your good report after Tuesday.

    I hope that your weather gets more favorable for hiking. I know how much all love it. As you said, the mountains will still be there when you’re ready.


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