Return to Normal

As I write this, we’re on day five post-op and beginning to refind the rhythm of our life.

Titus’s TPLO went well with the expected findings: partial CCL tear in the left knee, meniscus intact. We did hit a few unanticipated snags in his transition home. First he threw a tantrum when I left to bring the car around and removed his cone…! Then I barely managed to get his poor dopey self out of the car. Even after I managed it, we got stuck outside for a long time because someone needed serious belly rubs.

I did put a clean town down under the surgical leg before he could roll over onto it into the dirt!

Then we discovered that he couldn’t turn around in his airline crate with the cone on. I had to take the thing apart around him and my partner kindly agreed to pick up a much bigger wire crate on his way to my place. You think you’ve planned for everything…!

But things have been smoother since then.

Will tolerate icing for frozen pumpkin and tripe.

The anesthesia and hospital meds didn’t really wear off until day 2, at which point the little guy became more lucid but also deeply concerned. By day 3, though, he seemed to have thought through his fate; that was the day the naughty normal Titus resurfaced. See also: he figured out how to make the hamster-style crate water bottle leak all over the floor. See also: on potty walks he likes to scoop up leaves and fling them using his cone.

The supervisor, on lunch break.

Lilo was much stressier than I had anticipated early on, and that was hard. I had wanted to keep the dogs well separate for fear of Titus getting riled up. But she clearly knew something was going on and didn’t like it one bit. We finally let her come to the outside of his palace and let them sniff noses through the gate; she felt better after that. Whew!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled frogging.

He began to put his foot down while walking outside and to toe-touch inside on day two. His gait has gotten noticeably better every day. As of today, the bruising and excess fluid have all but resolved. He’s not tolerating passive range of motion, alas, but is getting vastly more comfortable with having the leg touched and did let me trim nails on all four feet today.

We spent a peaceful afternoon today reading a favorite book while he rested in his crate. I do hate that he has to go through this, but he’s being a much better patient than expected (with, granted, a little chemical help) and it will, I think, be good for our relationship in the long run — and hopefully for his athletic future as well.

3 thoughts on “Return to Normal

  1. I’m so glad that things went relatively smoothly! Yay! I’m amazed that he’s already putting his toe down. I’m glad that you’re letting the two interact a bit – that seemed to help our black dog a lot after his elbow surgery. We’d have him tethered and let his sister lie with him (with supervision of course). It made him a lot happier. I will be thinking of you in the coming days.


    1. Much belatedly, thank you! It was a great relief how quickly he came along in those early days. I was braced for a week or two of hopping around, but it was good for my heart to see him start using the leg so willingly. It must have been so comforting for everyone for the black and brown dogs to get to snuggle a bit. ❤


  2. Woefully behind with reading/commenting (shock!), but so happy to read that he was good for this phase of recovery! Kenai surprised me with how good he was following his copious (ugh) surgeries. Dogs are incredible beings.


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