What I Would Do For This Dog

Walk Lincoln Woods, most hated trail in the Whites, so that he can get as many interesting low-key sniffy adventures in before his surgery.


See also: anything.


But I did explain to him that we’re not setting foot on this particular trail again unless we’re en route to Bondcliff.


Hopefully that will make him decide to heal well and not tear the other leg!


4 thoughts on “What I Would Do For This Dog

  1. Out of curiosity, why do you hate it? It looks nice and inviting to me, but then, I don’t like hikes that have elevation. Or mountains. Or…are actual hiking. So.


    1. It’s honestly a perfectly lovely, easy walk in its own right. The trouble is that it’s very popular and also the gateway to some of the more remote higher summits, and that long flat straightaway (often dodging big slow-moving groups) feels punishingly endless as the end of an 18+ mile day. So it is the trail that White Mountain hikers quickly learn to love to hate. It was also the site of my most dramatic and hilarious fall to date. 😉


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