Just Keep Swimming

It’s been a rough week in dog health. Or rather, Tuesday was a rough day in dog health, starting with Facebook reminding me first thing in the morning that it was the three-year anniversary of saying goodbye to my dear old Caseydog.

Travelin’ frog on the way to his appointment with the rehab vet.

Then I got a call from our local vet about mid-day. Lilo has developed some odd minor but persistent skin lesions over the last few weeks. She’s been entirely unbothered by them, but something was clearly not right. We did a round of testing for the usual primary skin problems. When those results proved uninteresting, we ran bloodwork.

The vet was leaning towards serum allergy testing; I wanted a thyroid test. Many cheers to our insurance company for not putting me in the position of having to choose. It turned out we were both right. She came back hypothyroid with quite a few environmental allergies. One thing at a time so we can evaluate effectiveness; she started on thyroid meds on Wednesday.

Good thing she’s not allergic to down comforters.

And then I took Titus to his rehab appointment. He was quite sore to physical exam and did not gait well on the water treadmill even at low speeds. He’s back on the muscle relaxants and booked for another appointment next week, which we would theoretically have skipped if he’d continued to progress as he has been. So much for a slow and careful return to play. I feel doubly awful given how happy he was to be out there on Saturday.

He has decided the rehab team is pretty great, though, and plunks right down for his post-treadmill cold laser treatment.

This too shall pass. Titus was progressing really well before this setback. He’ll progress really well again, even if I had really hoped to be farther along at this point, ten weeks post-injury.

And while Lilo has not been obviously in any kind of distress, it sounds like a thyroid issue might very well explain that exercise intolerance and increased generalized weirdness that we spent this summer chasing around — so I am hopeful that getting her meds dialed in (and allergy shots if those seem like an appropriate step once we’re happy with her thyroid levels) will help her out.

And I am grateful to have loved Casey well enough to still miss him every day.

I would really like to get some happy dog news in the near future, though!

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