Titus and Lilo’s New Ride

My darling little hatchback rolled over 180,000 miles recently. The air conditioning died. And a couple of circumstances miraculously lined up to allow me to go in search of the superior two-dog adventure vehicle that I had given up on acquiring any time soon.

The catch was that I love driving and don’t tolerate fine-enough cars very well. And the other catch was that “fun to drive” is not the usual highest priority in the “relatively inexpensive, capable of carrying two adults plus two large-ish dogs (one crated), and preferably with light off-road capacity” category. We measured A LOT of cargo spaces, y’all.

But we found it in the end.


Of course the dog furniture got added within minutes of bringing it home.



Hoping to find out how it performs as hiking-dog transport this weekend! And I can replace my expired WMNF parking sticker now…


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