Results Are In

So I’ve been meaning to get Titus tested for the MDR1 mutation, because herding mix. And I’ve been putting it off, because money.

His injury made the whole thing a bit more pressing. I ordered the test. Actually, I ordered a Wisdom Panel on the theory that it wasn’t that much more expensive to add the breed analysis and I could use all the entertainment that I could get.

I’ve never been all that curious about the composition of my mixed breeds in the past. I felt like I knew enough. Lilo is a shelter pit bull and while there may be other stuff in there, I sure doesn’t see it either physically or behaviorally. With Casey, our best guess (Boxer and Beagle) was much more guessy, but he was a sufficiently special snowflake that it didn’t really matter: he was Casey, that was all.

I felt pretty good about the consensus opinion on Titus, too: mostly cattle dog, probably some husky, and potentially a dash of who-knows-what. (Thus the MDR1 concern; I couldn’t be confident that the who-knows-what excluded Border Collie or Aussie or the like.) I was honestly a little worried that the result might come back totally off-the-wall. It wouldn’t change the dog, of course! But would it change how I related to him? I didn’t know.

Turns out I didn’t need to worry.

Mostly cattle dog, some husky, and a dash of who-knows-what!

I do think it’s likelier that he had one parent who was full heeler and one that was a husky mix than that there were a couple of intact mixes running around central New York. (Although maybe that’s wishful thinking…) But I’m pretty tickled that we guessed right and that Titus comes by all his charming weirdness honestly!

And his MDR1 result came back normal/normal to boot.

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