I hate to tease a post and not deliver, but this week got away from me a bit. Novice dog post will happen for Monday. In the meantime, please enjoy this series of Lilo crushing Boulder Loop (and feeling Mr N levels of smug about it) on our way up Mt Major the other night.imageimageimageimageimageimage

6 thoughts on “Postponed

  1. That’s great to see, especially after I just read about the poisoning that happened a few weeks ago. I fear mj poisoning, especially here in Colorado where it’s legal. It’s everywhere, even in edibles that Labs will snarf down without a thought. I’m so glad that your situation turned out fine!


    1. I knew it was a risk in the abstract, but never thought it would happen on even a tiny hike! But I guess people like pretty places to party as much as I like them to wander through…


  2. Clever girl! She really picked a smart way to go up. Nala has a tendency to just launch herself up in the most direct way. She always makes it, but I still cringe.


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