A Week in the Life

My parents were in town this weekend, so we went for a hike.

My dad and his oldest granddog, the backseat driver.

We revisited the Frankenstein/Aresthusa loop that the pups and I did a few weeks ago.

Titus and I ran some trash back to the car; Lilo did not approve.

We practiced our selfies…


…and our scrambling…image

…and have more to learn about Leav(ing) No Trace.

We stopped for a minute and Titus was SO MAD he had to eat this twig.

We took in the views…


…and took the spur trail to the waterfall.

Not pictured: inconveniently-located sun.

The dogs also rode along with me to take care of a friend’s dogs while she was out of town.

Scenic overlook near said friend’s house, with clouds.

We explored a new trail from a familiar trailhead and found the prettiest little gorge.

It doesn’t photograph well (at least not by me), but you get the idea.

As always, there were chores to be done.

“But there was recycling in here last night!”

And some so-called fun stuff turned out to be just more chores.

We gave it three days at a really great daycare and Titus quickly got over being overwhelmed, but still just didn’t love it. Except for the wading pools! So that’s fine; he doesn’t have to go to daycare; he’ll have plenty of hiking buddies and other friends. And I’ll definitely get him an at-home pool.

But even when we’re not communicating well…


…and even when it rains…image

….we’re still in it together.

Although one of us may be slightly less dignified than the others. (We take turns being that one.)

So that’s nice!

Hope you all have good weekends. We’ll catch you on the flip.


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