West Rattlesnake

I dropped Titus at home after his Greenleaf adventure and got right back on the road. Lilo has been amazingly patient with the kid; she deserved a little extra one-on-one time! We headed to West Rattlesnake in Holderness, NH.

It’s an easy little hike: just over a mile of gentle climbing from car to summit. But the view-to-effort ratio is second to none.


Perfect view, perfect day, perfect dog.

We saw a lot of people on our way up, but most were heading down. We enjoyed a snack on the ledges before heading briefly along the ridge so Lilo Could stretch her legs off leash. (She handled herself well all hike, but there were enough people and dogs around that I’d leashed her rather than recalling her every three steps.)

Along the ridge.

As we passed back over the summit, Lilo indicated that she wasn’t ready to head down yet. We found a sunny spot atop a raised ledge for more snacks and quiet appreciation of the view, the day, and each other’s company.

That peace lasted for the stroll back down to the car and the beginning of our drive…and then I spotted two stray Shepherd mix type dogs running in the street. I pulled over, of course. If it were my dogs, I’d want someone to help them; stopping always seems like the least I can do.

They ran right over and luckily I had left Titus’s travel crate in the car. Even more luckily, they jumped right in. Did you know that 120+ pounds of happy, friendly Shepherd can fit in a 22″ crate? Neither did I!

They had collars, but no identifying into. I didn’t have enough cell service where I grabbed them to Google up the local ACO. My blind exploring, though, brought me to a speed trap. The officer running it was a good sport when I pulled up next to his cruiser and asked him to take the dogs off my hands!

Normally I would have taken them home overnight and worked harder at finding their people myself…but even I could tell that four, even temporarily and even though they were very nice, would be Too Many Dogs! Although I think Lilo would not, at this point, have been surprised…

She still likes me anyway!

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