Good Influence

I have lots of hopes for Titus. I hope he’ll be a friend to Lilo and a big-mile hiking buddy for me, mostly. I hope he’ll be a go-anywhere-do-anything kind of dog. I hope he’ll swim! I hope he’ll be happy here; I hope he’ll have a whole lotta fun.

And I hope he’ll be a good influence for the  pit bull in one very specific way. She can model generalized awesomeness for him, but she is so much less reactive with a confident dog-neutral-to-social canine buddy. I would never have gotten a second dog as just a security blanket for her! But wanting one anyway, I kind of crossed my fingers that he’d have that effect. It’s one of the reasons that I really wanted a stable good-minded pup.

So today we were all out walking in a light, warm rain. And a Golden came barking across his lawn. Good Golden: stayed in its yard and it was all retriever happy barking. Still. Lilo loves derpy retrievers, but she does not love it when they appear out of nowhere, all bouncy and noisy, when she’s on a leash.

She gave the Golden a look, and Titus and I kept walking, and she did, too.

And then she gave me very expressive Look At That where’s-my-cheese eyebrows. Training counts! But friends modeling good behavior count, too.

This is not the only way in which Titus was perfect Monday. He’s been perfect in almost every way.

Almost. (Fitting choice, little shark!)

But it was kind of a big deal and I am pretty happy for us all.


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