On a cold blustery day in January, Lilo and I went down to Dogtown for a last free-weekday hike. I lost my phone somewhere along the way and even though I backtracked the same mile of trail three times in the wind and fading light, I could not find it anywhere. I gave up and went home.

A few weeks later, I got a call from a Sprint store in Needham, MA, saying that someone had found my phone (at Dogtown outside of Gloucester) and turned it in — but that location was closing in 48 hours and had already shut down their shipping and could I come by and pick up my phone? Reader, it was midweek and I had just started my job; I could not.

But a friend of mine happened to pass through the area as part of her commute and kindly picked it up for me. Today (Tuesday) I turned it back on for the first time and imported to my computer the only reason that I had really been sorry to lose it and the only reason that I really wanted it back: this picture here.


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