Running The Rails

One big selling point for the new place was the presence of New Hampshire’s longest rail trail right across the street. We’re closer to the Whites here, with smaller mountains within an easy drive, but returning to full-time work meant that I was looking hard for someplace I’d feel safe walking in the dark on winter evenings. Sidewalks would have worked, too, but I do love a rail trail.

Not the most dramatic scenery, but plenty of trail!

They get a bad rap. I get it. Rail trails tend to be straight and flat and not necessarily run through the world’s most interesting terrain. But me, I’ve lived near trains until the last year or so. There’s something about that sense of going-somewhere-else that speaks to me. And even in the absence of the actual machines, I like looking down that tunnel of trees and knowing that there will always be more trail than we’ll walk on this particular night.

The Hurtta coat had a buckle get crushed in a car door by accident (not while on the dog!) — glad we have a back-up coat!
Obligatory New England stream.

We’ll be back in the mountains soon, I hope, but having this practically right out out our door is a delight after the last few weeks of playing Frogger on twisty narrow back roads after dark. I’m also Googling the area, reading guidebooks, and driving with my head on a swivel for other suitable nearby destination hikes. I’ve got some ideas; I’ll report back once we’ve checked them out!

Catching a good sniff as the first flakes start to fall…

How do you find new local trails to share with your pup?



4 thoughts on “Running The Rails

  1. I love rail trails! I think the only thing I regret about selling my trailer is that I no longer have the option to take Tris to our local rail trail on a whim. I like how they take the thinking about my feet away from me and I can just go.


    1. I was thinking of you while walking it last night — that you should come hike it because it is flaaaaat! I’ve only barely touched the section along the river, but we could drive down a mile or two and be along a really pretty stretch.

      Gonna borrow the barn trailer once it is not a million below out?


  2. Those look lovely – having nature (and walkable, when you have a dog) right by your door is a*big* selling point indeed. (And I’d love them for riding too. it looks pretty perfect.)


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